Christian Gade Bjerrum



An introduction to Christian Gade Bjerrum
Danish actor with Colombian roots.


As a professional actor I’ve worked in various different settings such as theater, film, TV, shopping malls, on the street, in the forest and in countries like Croatia, Sweden, Nigeria, Mexico, Colombia, Russia, United States, Spain, Germany and Denmark.


ITSI BITSI - a new Danish feature film by Ole Christian Madsen, premiers in January 2015. I play Christian Arnø, the drug dealer and the lead character's best friend.

NYMPHOMANIAC - Lars von Trier's latest work. I play Mr. G, The Jaguar, one of Joe's (female lead) many lovers. As she says: "the only one I had to - and wanted to wait for".

POSTPARTUM - by Michael Panduro. In the making ...

LOOKING FOR ME - by Tobias Selnæs Markussen. This project is an ongoing process, it's a documentary about me. About my life, being a young man in a modern society, being an actor, being confused, being in love, being sexual, being crazy, just being me. It started out 2 years ago when I went to Colombia to look for my biological mother. Tobias filmed the whole adventure and my first encounter with my mother.

thoughts about acting // my approach to acting // reconstruction of the present moment  

In order to maintain integrity within the reconstruction of a present moment you must experience the knowledge of being present in a constructed setting. Everything you move in, around and with is a constructed setting, until the time you choose to create your own. As an artist it is, among others, your call to investigate, manipulate and redefine already constructed settings and add your personal artistic and aestetic touch to give that very element you care for new life.                     

My primary focus is clown technique, which are helpful exercises to practice listening, awareness and being present. Furthermore it nourishes my inner child that represents the impulsive side of myself, which give me more confidence in trusting my intuition.


 I share my story. I share my heart. I share my truth. My truth comes from my heart. I share my story about understanding the importance of listening to my heart to find my truth. My truth is everything between honesty and lie. I share my wisdom. I design my teachings specifically to give you the best of me, for you to open up and give your best. My wisdom is a big beautiful tree with colourful leaves and branches of various lengths and volume. It consists of everything I’ve learned, earned, experienced and explored throughout life.

I live on planet Earth, connected to the Universe. I investigate and challenge the structured definitions of being a man. My inner curious child approaches life with questions and creation. I received DNA from an unknown man. I receive love from my father. I miss my mother. I wear many masks. I teach breathing and being present. I honour the elements we consist of and are connected to by dancing, by praying. I have a fantasy that will take me far beyond what’s realistic in my head right now. I am a social being. I do dumb dark actions from my primal unconscious centre. I practice various sorts of healing to understand my dark sides and transform them into light. I consciously manipulate the truth to protect myself - from the truth. I isolate when I am tired of feeling like “all the others” - and I can’t live without them. I walk a path that makes my dreams come alive. I create my dream.